Thani Illam, Kerala Backwaters & ResortsThani Illam is an eco-friendly and heritage home stay in a typical Kerala village in Kottayam. ‘Thani Illam’ (short form of Thannikkatt Illam, family name of the hosts) means the original home of a Kerala Malayalee Brahmin family. The house is over 100 years old and was home of famous Malayalasm writer Malayattoor Ramakrishnan.

Thani Illam has been modified using parts of demolished buildings – such as tiles, roof tiles, wooden parts (doors, windows etc.). Designed to use natural light and air to the maximum, Thani Illam consumes less electricity. It is most cost-effective and eco-friendly, promotes the use of recycled products, reduces the use of plastics, synthetic chemicals, petroleum products and other environmentally degrading products, provides employment to the local community and propagates local tradition and culture.
If you are interested in staying at Thani Illam or knowing more about this heritage home, simply contact our travel desk right away, and we’ll be happy to be of further assistance to you.
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