Monsoon Weddings
The ‘monsoon’ is unique to Kerala. The whiff of wet mud a welcome sign. Incessant rains pouring down, seemingly endless. The verdant fields, trees and jungles, wet and greener than ever. Men, women and children wading through the mud puddles, in straw hats or black umbrellas, going about their everyday chores. The rain falling down the thatched roofs, or down the open courtyard in the middle of the ‘nalukettu’ style traditional homes…Monsoon season is also the perfect time for ayurvedic rejuvenation. When the pores of the skin open up, to respond appropriately to the therapy.

Enjoy a romantic monsoon wedding in Kerala. When the rays of the sun glimmer through the rain drops, the smell of freshness surrounds you, and the showers seem like a blessing from heaven even as you tie the sacred knot.
 Elephant Weddings
Elephant Weddings are for those of you who want to feel like the “king of good times”. A royal procession, where the groom enters the ‘pandal’ riding on a caparisoned elephant. The bride coyly awaiting the ‘muhurthum’ or better still, the bride also riding atop another elephant to exchange garlands with the groom, to become man and wife and live happily ever after.
 Houseboat Weddings
Houseboat WeddingsIt’s simply romantic. A gentle cruise down the tranquil backwaters. All dressed in traditional attire – bride draped in a beautiful silk saree and decked in jasmine flowers and jewellery, and groom dressed in silk shirt and dhoti. The wedding is marked by the exchange of garlands, tying of the sacred knot and the chanting of sacred vows, in the presence of priests, homakund, lighted lamps…
 Kerala Ritual Weddings

The ‘Hindu’ wedding ceremony is marked by Jasmine flowers, silks, mahendi tattoo, chanting, sacred knot, blessings of elders, showering of flowers, vedic hymns, vows around ‘hom kund’ etc and culminates in the typical Kerala vegetarian feast – the ‘sadhya’.

The ‘Christian’ weddings are distinguished by: The wedding march, brides dressed in white or off white wedding sarees or gowns, bridegrooms in formal suits, exchange of wedding rings, tying of the sacred knot, prayers, sermon & hymns etc culminating in the wedding reception / feast.

The ‘Muslim’ weddings in Kerala are extensive and are indeed a treat to the eye. The rituals and customs include: the ‘milanji’ ceremony, the ‘oppana’ dance around the bride, the ‘nikah’ which is the actual wedding ceremony where the bride and the groom sit separately and convey their affirmation to the maulavi, the ‘meher’ from the groom to the bride, finally culminating in the sumptuous feast.

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